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Welcome to Lupia & Associates LLC

We launched in 2012 and have built a unique company. 

Meteorology is our specialty. We cover everything from general forecasts for any region of the US, North America or the world. Combined with our media and marketing experience, we can offer a unique solution for your company.

We help you use the weather to your advantage, streamline your operations and increase profitablility.

We can be partner in your success! Contact us for a free and confidential consultation. Email

Rich Lupia
Lupia & Associates LLC serves the sport of snowmobiling across Upstate NY. We have reached tens of thousands of snowmobile and winter weather enthusiasts around the country and around the world. Visit! To become a partner with our site, email


What We Offer


  • Customized weather reports for any industry in any location worldwide from daily to weekly, from short range (under 3 days) to medium range (up to 15 days)

  • Forensic weather reports, weather research & expert testimony for attorneys, insurance companies and Corporation Counsels

  • Private weather forecasting for any event in any location

  • Radio weather forecasting for any location

  • High quality audio and video production of your forecasts